Aug 11, 2009

Experience on Windows 7 RTM

Yesterday, i installed Windows 7 RTM 64bit by USB. Some people do not believe that can install Windows 7 64bit from USB when computer is running 32bit operating system, please read my previous post to do that. Wow, Windows 7 is very nice and fast, it is faster than Windows Vista. I used Windows 7 from beta version, and now it is RTMed, i really wonder on it. Although, Windows officially released to world wide start at 1, oct, 2009 but many people can download Windows 7 now and using it. This is my screen shot:
The theme that i use is downloaded at previous post.
My english is not good, some words or grammar may be wrong, but i believe that you can understand :).
Note: Edit some words or grammar in my post is welcome

Author : Lâm Viết Thảo // 9:37 AM


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