Sep 25, 2009

Free VMWare Server Serial Numbers or License Keys

VMware is a great virtualization technology. Unfortunately, VMware is not free, to use it legally you must purchase. Today, you can get VMWare Server free serial number or product key, simply complete this registration. You can get for free up to 100 serial numbers at one go without any charges or fees. If you read this inforamtion, please announce to everyone who needed. I have get 10 product keys for VMware Server. Hix, although i don't need up to 10 keys concurrently. If you need, you can leave an email, i will send key to you.


  1. Hai please send the keys to me...
    I do have VMWare Server 1.0.5 build 80187 is my mail id....


  2. OK, I have sent you 2 keys, check it.

  3. Help me please, I need key VMware Server 1.0.5-80187


  4. hello please i need a lil help here, ineeed the serial to vm ware server 2.02

  5. pleaaase send also to me

  6. helo bro Thaolv, i need the serial VMware-server-2.0.2-203138.x86_64.
    please send to
    Thanks bro.

  7. I could also really use a serial key for Vmware Server 2.02. If anyone could help out, please send to Thanks!v John

  8. pls help me to serial no of vmware-server 2.0.2-203138


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