Jun 4, 2014


I am preparing for the VCAP-DCA exam, the first step for the exam coming is to build a computer for lab. I decided to upgrade my old Thinkpad T410 for this purpose. My laptop already have a Intel Core i5 Sandy Bridge, 16GB of RAM. The weakness is a traditional HDD with large capacity but low performance. I decided to upgrade my HDD only. I go to amazon and search for a suitable SSD. Yes, i am a fan of Amazon. My expectation is a new SDD with high performance, capacity and low cost. After days of searching, I picked PNY XLR8 SDD up with 240GB of capacity. This SSD offers high speed data transfer of up to 500MB/s read, 475MB/s write; random IOPS up to 60,000. Another really cool thing is PNY offers a five-years warranty. In overal, I am really happy about performance, capacity and cost also.

  • Capacity: 120GB/ 240GB/ 480GB
  • Best Value: Premium grade flash to handle a wide variety of workloads
  • Transfer Rates: Up to 500MB/s read, 475MB/s write
  • Capacities: 240GB
  • Controller: SandForce 2281
  • 3 year warranty plus an additional 2 years when registered with PNY
  • Price: Amazon

Author : Lâm Viết Thảo // 9:55 AM


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