Jun 1, 2013

Enable multiple concurrent RDP sessions in windows XP/Vista/7/8

As you know, Windows client does not support multiple concurrent RDP sessions, but with this hack now you can remove Concurrent RDP sessions limit, allow multi-user login in XP/Vista/7/8 at the same time
This is only a file patch for termsrv.dll.
More setting for RDP, please google it.
The meaning of the last number of checksum:
1 - Original file, without any modification.
9 - The file has been modified.
1, Can oprate in normal mode. Do not need to enter safe mode.
2, Choose the corresponding patcher based on you Windows:
   For 32bit(x86):   UniversalTermsrvPatch-x86.exe
   For 64bit(amd64): UniversalTermsrvPatch-x64.exe
3, Require administrator rights. Right-click the exe file, select Run as Administrator.
4, After patch, Restart computer to take effect.
5, Backup file: \windows\system32\termsrv.dll.backup.


2009.04.16 V1.0
  + First release.

2009.04.25 V1.0b
  * Fix a bug in xp.reg. Thanks godolphinaim!
Download: http://adf.ly/TPKal
Comment bellow to report broken link :)

Author : Lâm Viết Thảo // 11:33 AM


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